Calvinism and Arminianism:
Myths & Realities

Arminianism: Myths and Realities

Calvinists have Rigged the Game

Calvinism is Works-Based

Calvinism mocks Evangelism

Calvinists oppose the “Altar Call”

Calvinism ruins the Gospel Message

Calvinism ruins the Gospel’s Certainty

Calvinism denies the offer of the Gospel

Calvinism distorts the Gospel

Calvinism teaches a different Gospel

Calvinism denies human Responsibility

Calvinism denies human Accountability

Calvinism denies that Jesus died for all

Calvinism denies the Power of the Gospel

Calvinism distorts the New Birth

Calvinism diminishes God’s Goodness

Calvinism distorts the Glory of God

Calvinism distorts the Grace of God

Calvinism distorts the Mercy of God

Calvinism distorts the Love of God

Calvinism teaches forced Love

Calvinism distorts God’s Patience

Calvinism distorts God’s Permission

Calvinism is Contradictory

Calvinism relies upon Mystery

Calvinism is Paradoxical

Calvinism involves Cognitive Dissonance

Calvinism creates Conundrums

Calvinism reduces Calvary to Pageantry

Calvinism teaches Secret Salvation

Calvinism teaches a Secret Will

Calvinism turns the Bible into a Charade

Calvinism is a Lottery

Calvinism involves Luck

Calvinism cannot allow Middle Knowledge

Calvinism denies God’s Omniscience

Calvinism ruins Prayer

Calvinism makes God the Author of Sin

Calvinism eliminates Judgment

Calvinism denies God’s Free Will

Calvinism denies man’s Free Will

Calvinism does Violence to the Will

Calvinism is Spiritual Racism

Calvinism teaches Favoritism

Calvinism is Theistic Fatalism

Calvinism resembles Deism

Calvinism resembles Hinduism

Calvinism is Depraved Theology

Calvinism is Desensitizing

Calvinism is Convoluted

Calvinism is Corrupt

Calvinism is Scandalous

Calvinism is Unjust

Calvinism is Cultic

Calvinism is Satan’s Theology

Calvinists have Jihadist mentality

Calvinism resembles Judaism

Calvinism is Arbitrary

Calvinism makes man into Puppets

Calvinism makes man into Robots

Calvinism needs people to go to Hell

Calvinism cannot make sense of Hell

Calvinism makes Hell glorious

Calvinism is Abortion

Calvinism destroys Confidence

Calvinism is like a Coin

Calvinists deny Reality

Calvinists are Sneaky

Calvinists masquerade as Arminians

Calvinists are Defensive

Calvinism breeds Arrogance

Calvinism makes God a Hypocrite

Calvinism makes God Self-Centered

Calvinism is driven by Fear

Calvinism has it Backwards

Calvinism has no Practical Application

Calvinism is a Guilty Pleasure

Calvinism leads to Depression

Calvinism destroys Biblical Authority

Calvinism: Myths and Realities

Arminians teach that Salvation can be lost

Arminians give False Assurance

Arminianism teaches Salvation by Works

Arminians teach salvation by Free Will

Arminians take Credit for their Salvation

Arminianism cheapens Grace

Arminianism violates Double Jeopardy

Arminianism denies Calvary’s Substitution

Arminianism robs God of Glory

Arminianism denies God’s Sovereignty

Arminianism denies God’s Providence

Arminianism celebrates Man’s Ability

Arminianism denies Man’s Depravity

Arminianism denies Original Sin

Arminianism says that Jesus “tries.”

Arminianism teaches an Unhappy God

Arminianism makes God a Failure

Arminianism makes God Feeble

Arminians hate Predestination & Election

Arminianism de-personalizes Election

Arminianism is a “Crystal Ball” theory

Arminianism denies God’s Wrath

Arminians misrepresent Calvinism

Arminians rely on Straw Man arguments

Arminians misinterpret “Whosoever Will”

Arminianism is Man-Centered

Arminianism magnifies Man’s Will

Arminianism makes salvation an Accident

Arminians reject “The Doctrines of Grace”

Arminianism is Illogical

Arminianism is driven by Fear

Arminians are spiritually Immature

Arminianism is Pelagianism

Arminianism leads to Open Theism

Arminianism leads to Catholicism

Arminianism leads to Universalism

Arminianism leads to Liberalism

Arminianism is essentially Atheism

Arminianism overthrows biblical Inerrancy

Arminian Free Will is an Idol

Arminianism is not Evangelical

Arminianism stiffles Evangelism

Arminians deny the Lazarus Metaphor

Arminians reverse the order of Salvation

Arminianism allows Evil to be Born

Arminianism denies God His Throne

Arminianism also has a “Problem of Evil”

Arminianism denies the purpose of sin