Calvinism and Arminianism:
Myths & Realities

A “straw man” argument is an argument that in intends to present either a weak or erroneous aspect of an opposing view, in order that by its easy defeat, the competing view appears stronger than it really is.

Again, the reality, though, is that most often Calvinists allege a “straw man” argument as a hand-waving tool, in order to try and save face, and thus escape from having to provide a meaningful defense.

Calvinist Charge:  Arminians rely on spurious “straw man” arguments in order to defeat Calvinism.

Myth or Reality:  Sometimes what is alleged as a “straw man” argument may indeed misrepresent a Low or Moderate Calvinist, but yet it might also perfectly represent a High Calvinist or Hyper Calvinist. The other problem is that sometimes Calvinists just get lazy, and use the allegation of a “straw man” argument as a hand-waving tool in order to weasel out of a tough spot. In other words, sometimes Calvinists will allege a misrepresentation, but which is not a misrepresentation at all, and is really just a matter of Calvinists being too embarrassed to invoke a “secret will” or use the “world of the elect” defense.  The advantage of a “hand-waving” argument is that little to no thought is actually required, and the Calvinist gets to walk away while trying to save face.