Calvinism and Arminianism: 
Myths & Realities

Calvinist, Jeff Noblit: “...any preacher who tries to dumb down the doctrine of sin, the depravity of man, and the necessity of repentance is not preaching the true gospel. This approach is not new or clever but wicked--dooming men’s souls and leading millions to false assurance.” (A Southern Baptist Dialogue: Calvinism, p.102, emphasis mine)

If you can square this statement with Calvinism, I’d like to know how, since according to Calvinism, men are either born “elect” or born doomed to Hell by God’s sovereign pleasure (allegedly). So I’d like to know how a preacher, according to Noblit, can doom souls that are already born doomed? After all, if God has passed them by, with all of the casual indifference of the priest and Levite of Luke 10:30-37, then what worse thing can a preacher do to them? Or, if they are one of Calvinism’s elect, how is the preacher going to block an Irresistible Grace?

​Arminians believe that they are being up front and honest about their beliefs, but that it is the Calvinists, rather, who are not being completely transparent, by using cagey terms and expressions to conceal their full beliefs.

David Allen: “Furthermore, when high-Calvinists say, ‘Christ died for sinners,’ the term ‘sinners’ becomes a code word for ‘the elect only.’ To be consistent with their own theology, they have to say the deliberately vague statement ‘Christ died for sinners.’” (Whosoever Will, p.97, emphasis mine)

So Calvinists are the ones not being completely honest. Consider the following:

Calvinist, Jeff Noblit: “Our missionaries marched back into the mountains of Peru, and they preached the gospel. They preached the wickedness and offensiveness of man before a holy God, the lostness of man, and the wrath of God. Then they preached the love of God in Jesus Christ and that Christ came and died for sin, shedding His precious blood.” (A Southern Baptist Dialogue: Calvinism, p.98, emphasis mine)

That seems ok, but notice that he didnt say, Jesus died for you”? Here’s the scoop:

Calvinist, Jay Adams: But counselors, as Christians, are obligated to present the claims of Christ. They must present the good news that Christ Jesus died on the cross in the place of His own, that He bore the guilt and suffered the penalty for their sins. He died that all whom the Father had given to Him might come unto Him and have life everlasting. As a reformed Christian, the writer believes that counselors must not tell any unsaved counselee that Christ died for him, for they cannot say that. No man knows except Christ Himself who are His elect for whom He died.” (Competent to Counsel, p.70, emphasis mine)

So it is the Calvinists are who being intentionally vague, although Adams counsels fellow Calvinists to be more up front about it. However, not all Calvinists appreciate Adams advice.

Calvinist Charge:  Arminians give False Assurance.

Myth or Reality:  Calvinists believe that Arminians destroy the souls of the non-elect by giving them a false sense of assurance, by virtue of teaching that they can be saved through asking Jesus to come into their heart. One thing about Calvinists is that when they are done talking, logic is usually left bleeding and wounded.