Statement of Faith

Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, was sent by The Creator through virgin birth, and was the only perfect man ever to have lived in that He never sinned.

Jesus alone is capable of providing complete forgiveness and payment of sin for all of mankind by way of His own blood, which is an open and free offer to everyone.

Jesus is the only man ever to say He would arise from the grave after being dead for three days and then do exactly as He had promised.

When Jesus stated “Before Abraham was, I Am”, He made Himself equal to God by His admission that it was His voice that spoke to Moses from the burning bush.

Jesus was and always will be God and He is the only one who can be trusted to safeguard the eternal destiny of the souls of all those who believe Him to be their Lord and Savior. 

Delighting oneself in the Lord is the highest form of praise and worship as everything in life becomes secondary to desiring a greater and closer relationship with Him.

God intricately architected the earth for our habitation with the sun being the correct size, temperature, and distance from the earth necessary to sustain life, and moon, which perfectly controls the tides. And yet He created an amazingly endless variety of fragrant flowers, which are required to sustain life and also provide us with the enjoyment of their splendidly vivid colors and delicate symmetric detail.            
It is impossible for anyone to believe in Jesus Christ without applying the faith that God has given a measure of to every man.

The love of God is ever expanding as He continually reaches out in mercy to include every human being coming into existence even as the universe He created is ever expanding.   

All those who have died while believing in Christ are now in His presence and their home will be safely secured with Him for all of eternity.  
We are loved by God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit who together rejoiced along with all the angels at the very moment we came into existence because we were made in the image of our Creator who is God Almighty.

Every time we pray God hears us and He distinctly knows each of our voices and He listens to our every word because He loves us and for that reason desires that all would repent so that none would perish.

If a man were to become the richest and most powerful ruler in the entire world and become sole possessor of all of the world’s riches he would gain nothing if in the end he were to lose his own soul.

No matter what a man’s standing, condition, or circumstance, without Christ his life will be empty and his existence futile, without any hope for the future or purpose for being.

God has always existed and will always be in total control of everything that exists and ever will exist, and nothing can thwart His plans or decrees. 

God knows the exact number of days of each of our lives and we are individually responsible for using the time He gives us to make a decision to repent and place our complete trust in Him alone.   
We are to love others more than ourselves but we are to seek God and love Him above all.

Without love we are nothing, no matter what riches or material wealth we may have attained or what goals we may have accomplished.

Without having God to look to for the promise of hope for all mankind, the past and the future become equally unimportant and irrelevant.

Without the foundation of trusting in God, all governments of men will be flawed and eventually fail, but Jesus Christ will reign triumphantly forever when the government of the world is placed solely upon His shoulders. 

Any gospel other than The Gospel, which is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in order to provide salvation and eternal life, is a false gospel, and an insult to God the Father.     

Asking God to help control our thoughts, desires, emotions, and speech provides us with a way to live orderly lives and successfully earn the respect of all men.

God designed, created, and controls the universe at His level while at the same time loving us and caring for us and our needs at our level, knowing one day He will raise us up to the level of His understanding.

Anyone who teaches that prosperity for Christians is defined by the acquisition of material wealth, should then after becoming wealthy, do as Jesus instructed the rich young ruler and give all they have to the poor.  

The God who designed and created the universe and its innumerable solar systems is also the God who designed and created the atom.

The origin of time, space, and matter separate from the existence and power of God cannot be logically explained away by assuming everything accidentally came into existence, which defies numerical odds even basic human reason.    

Because of the personal relationship we have with God it is always acceptable to go to Him with any question or concern because He never considers any of our problems trivial.   

God gives us what we need because He is our Father and He knows our needs and when we ask He withholds no good gift from us, so if we have not it is because we ask not.
A false doctrine can be easily identified by its teacher who stands to benefit through increased wealth, a greater human following and a desire for ever increasing power in order to achieve growth and retain control.     

No form of government will survive the test of time and no people will ever prosper if God is not recognized for His goodness and the people are not thankful to Him alone for their prosperity and freedom.    

When an atheist sarcastically asks, “If there is a God where did He come from?” a response that could shatter their thinking would be to ask, “Is it possible that because atheists have so much empathy for evolution they might have a theory that God evolved into existence?” 

If creative thought, logical thinking, and deductive analysis simply evolved, did they evolve from non-creative thought, illogical thinking, and non-deductive analysis or might they have been imparted by the Creator of the universe?  

God knows me and He understands my limitations just as any loving father knows how much his child can endure before he offers his own personal supportive hand.    

When we decide to become a believer and follower of Jesus Christ and trust in Him alone as our only hope for the future, then we belong to Him and we can hear Him when He speaks to us.

The folly of man stems from his lack of concern for his own eternal existence beyond this life, which is caused by self inflicted ignorance, not divine decree. 

The best and most trustworthy advice you will ever receive will come from the Holy Spirit and He will offer it at a time when He perceives that you are in need of and welcome His help.

Jesus possessed the most brilliant mind of any man ever to have lived, which enabled Him to outsmart and befuddle teams of religious adversaries who were threatened by His authoritative but gentle demeanor, His wisdom, His pure thoughts, and His clear understanding of the hearts and minds of men.

If the Good Shepherd has a flock of one hundred sheep that He loves and cares for and one leaves the fold, He will leave the ninety-nine to go rescue the one that has left the fold because He knows of the dangers and perils and that it is in need of His saving hand.  

The worst type of rebellious ignorance is when people have no regard for God’s love for them and His intrinsic purpose for their existence.

There are deceitful people who will attempt to distort the truth by presenting irrefutable but irrelevant facts in hopes that in gaining your agreement with fact, you will trust their integrity and accept their incorrect conclusions. 

Avoid false teachings where absolute fact is first presented to establish credibility, then combined with well crafted half truths that open the door for unfounded opinion, that when compared against the statements of Christ can be exposed as self serving and heretical.   

When I pray God hears me and listens to my heart. When God speaks, He expects me to hear and know His voice and receive His words of truth, advice, and sometimes His loving admonishment.  

Since all evil is rooted in the love of money, it is not possible for a man to love God and love and lavish himself in a lifestyle sustained by riches.

God’s love continues to provide an open door to eternal life to whoever is willing to believe upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ but is exclusively dependant upon how they respond to the calling of the Holy Spirit.

All life comes from God alone and all those in heaven and all those on earth are under His complete authority and can only be grateful to Him for their existence.

All of my sin was removed through one gracious act of sacrificial love by the only One who was worthy to make such an unselfish offering on my behalf.

When human intellect rises above faith, we become unjust and unprofitable to God since it is not possible for a just man to please God without living by complete faith in Him.