Glossary of Calvinist terms and what Calvinists teach about them

According to Calvinism, though, the Word of God leads to salvation only if accompanied by preemptive Regenerative Grace whereby all those of the alleged, eternal flock of the Father, are unilaterally, unconsciously and  involuntarily made preemptively Born Again in order to believe. That is the essential mechanism to Calvinism in order to get the alleged, eternal elect in the Father by Elective Grace, to overcome their Total Inability and receive faith to irresistible repent, believe and be saved.

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Glossary of Calvinist Terms

Atoning Grace: At Calvary, 2,000 years ago, all those of the eternal flock of the Father were purchased, purified and redeemed, and none else, such that when they are preemptively regenerated at the foreordained moment, they receive faith which ratifies Elective Grace and seals in their heart the awareness that they were secretly purchased 2,000 years ago.

Compatibilism: A Calvinist’s attempt to explain how Determinism and Free-Will might coexist.

Determinism: The belief that God has predetermined whatsoever comes to pass.

Elective Grace: When God sought a place for His grace, He decided to create a race of individuals to bestow His grace upon in order to demonstrate His mercy and kindness.

Irresistible Grace: Those of the eternal flock of the Father who are made preemptively Born Again in order to believe, are regenerated with a new will which finds the Gospel message irresistible.

Persevering Grace: It is the same thing as Preserving Grace. It means that for all those that God eternally wanted to be saved, that is, those eternally residing in the Father by the hidden counsel of God, are preserved in the faith so as never to fall away and endure to the end.

Predestination: For all those who eternally reside in the Father, God has predestined them to be given to His Son because God does nothing apart from His Son.

Preterition: It is the act of being left out of the will of God. It is the essence of Pass-By Calvinism.

Regenerative Grace: This is the secret new birth, that is, being made Born Again, whereby members of the eternal elect in the Father are preemptively illuminated at the appointed time with Irresistible Grace.

Revealed Will: This is God’s declaration and command for what He expects of man.

Secret Will: This is what God has secretly decided to do, known only in the hidden counsels of God.

Sovereign Grace: By Elective Grace, the eternal elect in the Father are gratuitously adopted to become sons of God by the sovereign will of God who Deterministically ordains all that comes to pass.

Temporal Grace: Since those who are spiritually dead, lying dead as a corpse, cannot raise themselves to respond to Christ, God must regenerate them by Regenerative Grace in order to believe. However, for those who have not received Persevering Grace, because they were not eternally in the Father by the hidden counsel of God, will eventually lose their Temporal Grace and fall away at the appointed time after completing their appointed task.

Total Depravity: Due to the Fall of Adam, and Original Sin, mankind is spiritually dead and lies as dead as a corpse, such that when Jesus comes knocking, they cannot hear His voice, unless God were to give him spiritual life through Regeneration in order to believe.

Total Inability: Due to the Total Depravity of fallen man in Adam, man is totally unable to respond to the Gospel’s appeal by from being illuminated by the Spirit of Regeneration.
Atoning Grace: Jesus illustrated it at John 3:14-15 and Numbers 21:6-9.

Decree:  God the Father decreed Eternal Life for all who believe in His Son.

Election: The privilege of adoption in the Father for all who are sealed in Christ.

Free Will: Adam and Eve had it, and their descendents inherited it, but due to The Fall, have also inherited a sin nature, and although we may have the natural ability to do what is right, we lack the moral ability to perfectly keep the Law, and hence the need for God’s grace.

Middle Knowledge: The knowledge of what would happen, if certain other things did not.

Predestination: God doesn’t predestine people to become Christians. God predestines Christians to become like Jesus.

Prescient Knowledge: The eternal knowledge of an eternal being.

Prevenient Grace: The enabling grace of God, wrought in the old heart upon the old creature in Adam, seen in Christ’s seeking, drawing and knocking, while the Holy Spirit convicts, pricks, pierces and opens hearts to respond to the Gospel. Roger Olson explains: “Arminians believe that if a person is saved, it is because God initiated the relationship and enabled the person to respond freely with repentance and faith. This prevenient grace includes at least four aspects or elements: calling, convicting, illuminating, and enabling. No person can repent, believe and be saved without the Holy Spirit’s supernatural support from beginning to end. All the person does is cooperate by not resisting.” (Arminian Theology, pp.159-160)