Calvinist Objection

Consider the following article:  A Calvinist Objects To Brenda’s Testimony.

First quote:

That is absolutely true, and I’ve seen it first-hand. Young Christians become engulfed and overwhelmed in an aggressive campaign with an overt “us vs. them” approach, which is obviously cultic in nature.

I liked the commentary on Ephesians 1. They stated:

Exactly. However, I think that the following quote could be revised somewhat, in which they’ve stated:

However, Paul is more careful to connect election & predestination to their rightful home “in Christ,” as being blessings for those in Christ, and yet the aforementioned quote is missing such a reference. The significance is because Calvinists view election as a vehicle to become “in Christ,” whereas with Arminians, election is the vehicle which takes those “in Christ” to where He wants to bless them (i.e. an election to holiness, a predestined adoption to sonship, redemption through Christ's blood, revelation of mysteries, an inheritance, the Indwelling, ect.).

I liked this quote:

Indeed, as focus is shifted from what we get from the cross, to what “sovereignly” brought us to the cross in the first place, making such a thing into the gospel behind the gospel. In this way, the real gospel is the search for a special relationship hidden in the Father. Calvinists don’t realize the peril in that, and the obvious fingerprints of who is behind it.

Here is another good quote:

Exactly. Instead of looking outwardly to the cross (like the thief on the cross), focus is then shifted inwardly to a Lordship salvation, in which the individual has the right stuff, and raises a concern of Christianized Judaism.

“To begin with, Calvinism preys on the young in faith who are not equipped to refute the suggestion that God unconditionally elects and predestines believers. These young believers are shown verses explained out of context that are strung together to make sovereign election appear true.”
“What is it that is predestined according the counsel of His will in this passage? That those who trust in Christ, meaning those who believe, should be to the praise of His glory!”
“Biblically, God chooses (elects) believers who have met the condition of faith.”
“As soon as ‘gifted faith’ and ‘irresistible grace’ become necessary components of salvation, focus is shifted from the cross. The sinner needs to come directly to the cross, not sidestep it to begin searching for gifted faith or irresistible grace. This too is a scheme of the evil one to keep the sinner from the cross.”
“This dynamic of looking for the ‘right’ kind of faith plays out in Lordship salvation which undermines assurance in the cross.”