Near Death Experiences

Near Death Experiences (NDE’s)

Some of the testimonials of Near Death Experiences are rather persuasive, and seem to conflict with Calvinism, since they portray God as having no desire to send any of mankind to Hell, but instead that man turn and live, though they will ultimately go to Hell, against God’s wishes, if they do what the devil has done, in rejecting God. It seems that the devil’s angle is to get God to go back on His Word. The brutal nature of Hell was never designed for mankind. (Matthew 25:41) But if man does what the devil does, then man will experience the same thing, and perhaps the devil’s angle is to get enough people to Hell, so that God will be moved to go back on His Word, and let man off the hook, and in so doing, let the devil off the hook as well. The devil tries to get man to blaspheme God by declaring God as unloving, for the sake of the brutality of Hell: “Why would a ‘Loving God’ do this?” The simple answer is that the ‘Loving God’ didn’t intend this for man. In fact, the ‘Loving God’ made a way to simultaneously honor His Word and let man off the hook, by paying for mankind’s sin Himself, through Calvary. Man must avail himself to God’s pardon by believing in Him, as per John 3:16, or else is doubly guilty, that is, both for their sin, and for their rejection of the costly pardon for their sin.