Here is a little bit of humor at Calvinism’s expense:

Although Calvinists like to say that God made it “Irresistible” for them, I know of nowhere in Scripture where anyone ever claimed that God made things irresistible, or that God made their choice to believe for them.

Being lectured on Bible twisting by a Calvinist is a bit like being lectured on modesty by Miley Cyrus!

Of course, not all Calvinists feel that way about Arminians, although it would certainly be true about how about High Calvinists feel.

The following would seem to be a parody, but is actually what Calvinists seriously believe:

Humor at Calvinism’s expense
From Twitter:

Fake Piper @FakePiper Mar 10
Every time I see a beautiful sunset, I think of how God could destroy us all by blowing up the sun. #praisehim #godislove

@FakePiper: God won’t let you be tested beyond your ability to endure it. So if you can’t endure something, congratulations, you’re a wimp.

Fake Piper @FakePiper Feb 28
Christian, when you hear about children being abused by their parents, remember - that’s how much God loves you, too.
“The Doctrines of Grace”

One Theology to rule them all,

One Theology to decree the Fall,

One Theology to condemn them as Reprobates and in the darkness bind them.