Cage Stage

Here is in a link to an article on the infamous Cage Stage of Calvinism.

James White explains: “I’ve seen it many times. The Cage Stage. A believer’s eyes are opened to the majesty of God as the sovereign King of the universe, and their entire life is turned upside down. And for a while, they have more zeal than they have knowledge. We call it the “cage stage.” That period in the experience of the new Calvinist where they would be better off kept in a cage until they can gain enough maturity to handle these vitally important topics aright. That time when they are more likely to hurt themselves, and others! You know, when they are all running around smacking someone upside the head with Pink’s The Sovereignty of God? Yeah. So how do you avoid getting locked up in the cage? One of the questions people have is, “I want to share these truths with my loved ones! How do I do it without looking like a zealot?” Here’s a suggestion: Drawn by the Father. This is one of my smallest books. It’s focused, brief, concise. But, since it is about John 6:35-45, it is very powerful. The words of the Lord Jesus from the synagogue in Capernaum have opened the eyes of many! This isn’t some thick tome of theology, yet, at the same time, it presses Jesus’ claims upon the heart of the believer with clarity. It is especially useful for those who may be impacted by a slight infection of “red-letter onlyism,” where people think that the red letters in the Bible are somehow more inspired than the black ones (especially the black ones in Paul’s writings!). You can order Drawn by the Father from our bookstore, here.” (How to Avoid Cage-Stage-itis)

Early Warning Signs of Adult Onset Calvinism

Question: What is the Cage Stage?

Answer:  Jesus states: Either make the tree good and its fruit good, or make the tree bad and its fruit bad; for the tree is known by its fruit.” (Matthew 12:33) The fruit of Calvinist conversion is sometimes one of extreme arrogance, in which the convert proclaims their new found perspective by looking down upon other Christians as being inferior. In fact, what further instills the sense of superiority above others, is when Calvinists term themselves as “Reformed.” It can get so bad, that some end up likening Calvinism to a cult. Thus the tree which produces a “Cage Stage” is rotten.