Myths & Realities

The bottom line is that people aren’t upset that Christians allege that Jesus is the only way, but rather that Jesus is a way at all. They don’t like the Jesus-way, which requires repentance. It’s all about choosing the pleasures of this world over God. So people try to offer God something else instead, just like what Cain tried. Rich men will do whatever pleases them, and then will engage in some form of philanthropy, in order to present some form of goodness in exchange, but which is really no different than what Cain had unsuccessfully tried. So that works its way back to the complaint that Christianity is arrogant for presenting a belief-system that suggests that Jesus is the only way. They don’t want Jesus’ way. I’ve never understood why people should complain that Jesus is the only way, instead of giving thanks to God that there is a way provided at all, until you realize that that’s not the heart of their issue.

Atheist Charge:  Christianity is Arrogant.

Myth or Reality:  If, as Christians say, there is only one way to God, rather than being inclusive of all of the other religions in the world, then Christians are arrogant to think in such a way. However, if Jesus is not the only way, then (1) He was wrong to say so, as per John 14:6, (2) the Father needlessly suffered over the crucifixion of His Son, if all of the other religions in the world are perfectly satisfactory to God’s justice, and (3) the ancient example of Cain and Abel would be misleading, if while, back then, Cain’s sacrifice was rejected and Abel’s sacrifice accepted, while in today’s system, things work completely the opposite, in that Cain’s sacrifice, or any other sacrifice for that matter, is now perfectly acceptable to God.
Question:  Is it reasonable to think that there would be only one way to God?

Answer:  Just as reasonable to think that only your house-key can unlock your front door, and just as reasonable to think that only your set of car keys will start your car. Why should we think of God’s house as being any different? From God’s standpoint, if you would serve in keeping sin alive, then why should He let you in His house? But if Christ’s blood mitigates sin, why should we reject God’s perfect solution?